The Hobbit

Carrying the weight of a world famous, award winning, extremely successful trilogy of films like Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson brings us The Hobbit. Based on a book (which isn’t particularly long at 310 pages considering this film is the first of a trilogy as well), it is the prequel to LOTR.

There is effective story telling and character building from the start, the audience is of course thrilled to see Gandalf and other characters, don’t forget serious fans have been waiting to see their favourites since 2003.

What follows are a series of sticky situations, it is an unexpected journey after all 😉 Spectacular special effects, very detailed and well crafted, it is superior film making all the way.

What works against the film is its length, and also watching it in 3D with so many effects becomes too much for the eyes to handle, so when you rest them, you miss the proceedings. It finishes very aptly, preparing audiences for what to expect in the 2nd film.

For fans, its a must see. For people like me, it was a good watch.


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