Nautanki Saala

Ayushman Khurana does it again, but not without some help from his able co-star Kunaal Roy Kapur. Talk about being an overly good Samaritan (which is the only thing I couldn’t digest), this film takes you on an unpredictable journey with lots of witty writing, smart laughs and intelligent direction. Some scenes are brilliant, while others drag.

The ‘nautanki’ aspect is played out well, in the real and stage lives of the characters. Old songs ‘So gaya yeh jahaan’ and ‘Dhak Dhak karney laga’ are remixed and used well. You get the ‘Bluffmaster’ feel from the film, a movie which wasn’t appreciated as much as it should have been. This too, might have the same fate.

Cut some length and this film will surely fare better.



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