Aashiqui 2


If there ever was an ‘Anti Alcoholics Anonymous’, its this film. I needed a drink to survive it, maybe even two. Pity we don’t have cinemas that serve alcohol in Mumbai. We were drawn to this film expecting great music, a Kapoor girl and a Kapur guy.

Mohit Suri sorely disappoints in a film named after Aashiqui which had brilliant music. Here too, the music is good, but the pace of the drama and the placement of the songs doesn’t do them any justice.

I was waiting for the film to finish and found myself laughing in scenes which were definitely not funny. Forced drama, romance, empathy, anger, every emotion seemed orchestrated and not natural.

Thankfully, Shraddha doesn’t take any genes from her dad Shakti, but looks like a replica of her mum Shivangi (Padmini Kolhapure’s sister). She has a good screen presence and body language. Her dialogue delivery tends to fall flat, but is saved by a pleasant voice. Aditya has done ‘Action Replay’, but takes on a lead role with confidence, though the character is very poorly written.


Spoilers ahead:

The sole weakness in the film lies in its baseless complication. It appears laughable and almost forced and one wonders why the hero is an alcoholic in the first place. His faceless father and many other loopholes in the story give you many ‘why?’ and ‘huh?’ moments. The end was predictable. Terrible waste of talent and music.


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