The Great Gatsby

The excess, success and progress of America come alive on screen in a vivid, almost poetic form by director Baz Luhrmann.

Its in the many details of the film that you will find the various forms of love. The love that can endure, wait and persevere is present alongside love that can sway, be short lived and is perhaps fickle.

The irony here is not love itself, but the grand stage one sets for something which is always intended to be a personal moment. Its the balance that the film strikes between the noise and the silence, the grandeur and the pain, the selfishness and the selflessness that you step back and question your own belief of love.

Leonardo has once again walked the tight rope and shown the complexity of an ambitious man in love. Carey Mulligan is a victim of her own choices, showing wondrous fleeting moments of love, amongst her spoils. Tobey Maguire plays the fine narrator of a quixotic tale he didn’t want to be a part off, but was swept away by it like the rest of us.

Its artistic treatment and sparks of brilliance indeed make it ‘Great’.

Indulge yourself, old sport!



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