The Nature of Love

Love by its very nature is unrequited. If love blossoms in two people at the same time, same pace, it would be a rare miracle. One of us is usually more sure than the other, or as is the case many times, has already walked down far along the road, alone. We keep glancing at the hand we think we are holding, but it is either a memory, or an idea of how we want our love to be. We then realise we are alone and keep yearning for our vision to come true, and that is what love songs, movies, poems, stories are made of. An endless hope of fulfillment and a destination of happiness we hope to arrive at with someone. While we yearn for someone, someone else longs for us. This unseen transfer of love and its swift transformation from hope to despair and back again makes the world go round. Its a cycle and the sooner we realise its very nature, we will stop trying to change it, and enjoy it while it brings us joy.

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