World War Z

Not the first one to line up for such a film, thankfully the Zombie quotient in this one wasn’t gory or over the top. The key elements used by director Marc Forster are fear of the unknown and trying to gather knowledge along the way to understand, contain and eradicate the Zombie pandemic that has struck the planet. Brad Pitt as UN employee Gerry Lane plays the part of an obvious A-list Hollywood actor who knows the film is riding as much on him as it is on the special effects and crazy zombies.

The strength of the film is the ‘on the edge’ thrilling moments and of course the sequences where humans convert into zombies and start attacking each other. The fear factor is high and we had many moments where the audience was holding its breath together, breaking into nervous laughter and gasps together. Some sudden surprises and novel action/destruction scenes make it a good thriller after a long time.

The 3D isn’t required but nowadays its like a technology epidemic without any vaccine.



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