The Heat (2013)

bleep **** blank %$£@ beep. Nothing could prepare me for the profane riot that this film was! Either catch that thread and keep rolling in your seat, sometimes out of it, clapping away at the scandalous nature of the sense of humour, or sit quietly and wonder why the moron behind you is going crazy.

After her few scenes in Hangover 3 as Cassie (yes that was her), Melissa McCarthy shocks, entertains and keeps surprising us as Mullins in this ‘Chalk has to work with Cheese’ Crime Comedy. In this instance the chalk was Sandra Bullock, and these two ‘poles apart’ personalities had to work together to solve a drug scam.

Their chemistry and compromise make the film so unique, while the writing and choice of profanity was genius. Yes, it takes brains to string a limited vocabulary to make you laugh, again and again and again!

It is an R-rated film, and rightly so! Please watch it where the content is not ‘bleeped’ out, otherwise its no fun.



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