White House Down (2013)

No stranger to blowing up the White House, Director Roland Emmerich (Independance Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, amongst other big budget destruction films) has shown us a very ‘real inside drama’ of what could happen if the President was not attacked by outside terrorists.

The motive here is kept hidden until the end, but what you get to see is a President who is not used to violence and a policeman who seizes the moment by protecting him. The film is predictable and a little clichéd, but the ‘protocol’ is fun to watch as it unfolds. Channing Tatum does a fair job in a film that belongs to a big cast and Jamie Foxx is on the border of being a stereo typical leader but gets away by giving the character his individual streak.

In the string of White House movies, this is the most chilled out one to watch as patriotism, Bollywood style drama and Soap Opera style whodunit unfold amongst good quality special effects.



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