Jobs (2013)

A lot of people have called this film a documentary on ‘APPLE’. Well, I think Steve Jobs and Apple are synonymous, and Apple’s journey was in fact a result of his own actions, creativity, vision and tenacity.

The film gives us an insight to his humble beginnings, the personal computer we take for granted and can’t live without was an unheard of concept back then. Seeing those ideas come to life, ‘watching your work while you do it’ was the best part of the film.

As it progressed it got disjointed and the actual success of Apple or Jobs was not shown. Yes, the many difficulties and internal politics were played out, but its reward is something we should have seen on screen.

Ashton Kutcher did his best in a role which perhaps demanded more. His walk, body language, seemed appropriate at times and out of place at others. Playing a visionary such as Jobs is a daunting task, and it is an open question as to who could have played him better.

The supporting cast was brilliant, the authenticity of the film was commendable and at the end of it I left feeling informed, a little entertained, and a little cheated. It had everything to be a lot more but apparently chose to stay mediocre, which is SO NOT APPLE!



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