Shudh desi romance (2013)

Catching true ‘desi’ flavours of an ‘it’s complicated’ romance set in Jaipur, the Shudh part refers to the irony of choice and chance.

Brilliant comedy that works for many well-written scenes, it’s stringing all the scenes to make a complete story that seems to be the problem with this recipe.

The makers were smart not to have more than two songs, because that would have slowed the humour down. 

We haven’t seen very many ‘feisty and fiercely’ independent girls on screen, and Sushant had his work cut out for him, to match Parineeti and Vaani. 

The three leads play complex yet straight forward, romantic yet detached, caught in the moment and doubting the moment so well, that you can’t help but relate to them. Rishi Kapoor is hilarious, bringing an Anu Kapoor Vicky Donor quality to the story, and the four of them provide comedic situations galore!

The writing may get some flak, so will the end, but I felt it’s justified. What matters most is that you could laugh and yet empathise with ALL of them.

Watch without a bathroom break!



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