Nature is but an expression of the soul…

On life:

Thunder exploded in the Mumbai night sky, along with a realisation which burst through my very blood, chilling me to the bone, shaking me out of myself imposed reverie, leaving my collective consciousness in the darkness that follows after the brilliance of lightning. This is but a veil, a charade, a fictional reality… let go, let it go…

On love:

As the weather mirrored the storm inside, the universe put me through my greatest test. I am glad to say I passed, but at the price of my very being. The finish line seems like a distant mirage, getting further as I run, my only hope being this dream will end soon…

On the past:

The midnight breeze got with it memories past, the clock ticked away, seconds racing to minutes to hours, all was as it was… you wonder what you have to learn from each other, the lessons are ever changing, never apparent, all you can do is be yourself.

On the present:

In an intense moment of clarity, the abundance of the universe arrived. Life is so beautiful, if you just slow down and listen; to your own intuition, to your own heart beat. Thanking each and everyone for their part in my happiness and otherwise, you are all valuable. As for the weather, we had a tiny drizzle as a blessing, to iterate the fact that we are never alone, someone is always watching over us…



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