This deck has more than 52 cards

So you feel you got a raw deal in life?  A bad set of cards? Here’s a theory. We all have access to the same pack, but there are some extra cards you probably didn’t recognise. We get some good games, some good pairs, some cards that are discarded by other players and they suit our ‘sequence or vision’ and voila, you have a winning game. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you ‘pass’. But all the games come out of the SAME deck and once you’re done playing, it is packed and put away. No points for guessing who the dealer is, but you always get to CUT them.

The deck of life though, is never put away. We are shuffled every day, someone’s loss is someone’s gain, some days are all ACES (depending on which game you know) and some are just not your days. Some days you are invincible, everyone wants to bet their money on you, and some days you stand on the side and cheer the rest. Some days you have to play just so that there are enough players. You get the general idea.

In a good deal, you get the ‘CHANCE’ card, which is thrown your way to either take or ignore. What happens next is only known if you look back at the sequence of events after you took it, or rejected it. As the old adage goes, “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you”. If you ever draw a web of events, you can trace back the exact moment you changed the course of your life with one move. How many people you met and incidents you had after that wouldn’t have happened because of that ONE MOVE. And a whole other set was waiting for you if you chose another move.

Then there is a ‘LUCK’ card. I have been told some people are luckier than others. I believe that all people are blessed in their own way, and what you may consider ‘lucky’ for others, they may not for themselves, and vice versa. Many times we can’t see how lucky we are, and how much others yearn for that same luck. All I can say is recognise what or who is lucky for you. Sometimes you feel lucky when you have a person who brings the best out of you, tolerates the worst of you, encourages you, is happy for you. Maybe when you’re in their company good things happen, you get good news, or better still, you get ‘your next big idea’. Acknowledge their presence and make them aware how good their energy is.

We’ve all heard of the elusive ‘DESTINY’ card. Your destiny could be that unstoppable force that motors through and takes you, maybe blindfolded, sometimes on a rollercoaster, to where you need to be. At times your luck, chance, passion and your own thoughts make the universe conspire to fulfil your most cherished dreams and desires. People can brush the product of your life as ‘destiny’, never knowing how hard you had to work to deserve it, or what distances you travelled in the unknown, plummeting through what seemed like scary inky darkness. Only when it takes your blood, sweat and tears, can you crown something as ’your destiny’. It’s definitely not something to be taken lightly and it could even be something you DIDNT chose, but it’s yours to live.

There is one card that ALL OF US get, which is called FREE WILL. Only problem is, many of us don’t know we have it, and keep it tucked away in the back or more sadly so, throw it away. Please know that even if you throw it away, it’s something that you can always get back. This card is forever with you, summon it, and it’s there. Don’t be scared to use it, it may free you from everything that has ever kept you from being the best you are.

I am sure I will discover more cards in the course of this game called life. But until I do, be happy with the ones you have, because they are only going to get better.

This story is dedicated to my Good Luck Charm


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