Thor: The Dark World (2013)

The 9 realms, super special effects (which are a standard in Hollywood) and a popular super Hero and star cast could not salvage this film. Barring the humour from Kat Dennings who plays ‘Darcy Lewis’ the graph of this film and all its characters was flat, many times laughable. Is the mere presence of gigantic ships which appear threatening and predatory enough? Where are the villains who give the hero a healthy fight?

We have complex theories which are worked out at the drop of a hat, an ‘Ether’ of unexplainable power, Loki who plays along with Thor and Jane Foster, a wooden Natalie Portman, makes you wonder why actors are not doing their job, acting!

It takes a lot for a film to bore me and induce sleep. Very few pass the challenge. This one almost did.

Nothing can save this film.



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