Good bye December and 2013

What an interesting second half of the year this has been! A lot of writing! Falling in love with the Minions. Completing 3 years in Mumbai. 20 questions. Floating Infinity @ level  57. The Phantom of the Opera. Janmashtami & the Good News. Ganpati & Saying Goodbye. Meeting Kunwar ji. Internal Dialogue. EATC. Reiki. Keep the chin up soldier. 20 years. Multiple birthdays. The 35th. Ram Leela. My Namesake. Spanish. The Cathartic night. The desert, the sea, the stars and the skies. Chicago. Xmas eve @ level  122. 10 questions. Dedications. Koffee, Tea, Triffle. Dubai x5. A Resolution.  YJHD on DVD! Thankful for the year gone by. Excited for 2014. A very special year heralding many milestones and happy moments. Keep all of us safe God. Good Health everyone! 


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