Dedh Ishqiya (2014)

Khalujaan and babban are back, not with a vengeance but with the 7 stages of love. While the chemistry and ‘loyalty’ between the Naseer and Arshad was the highlight in the first film, here it provides the comic relief.

If ‘Ishqiya’ was raw and rural in its appeal, this film is the stark opposite with beautiful Urdu poetry and Lucknowi manners. But I wish they would have retained the utter twisted nature and punches that were thrown at the audience in Ishqiya, in this one too. Here we were stabbed, but with a nawabi etiquette.  

Madhuri enchants with her dance and beauty. Her character has various shades, suits her age and her diction of the lyrical Urdu is perfect. Huma as Muniya is the raw woman who actually makes a man doubt his manhood. Together they make a sensual team who are a force to reckon with for our fraud duo.

The true hero though, of this film, is the authenticity. From the location, to the sets, the costume, dialogue, the colour palette and music, everything is original and transports you to an era where the story and its characters are not only believable, but comical too. The plot unfolds slowly, the language shocks, entertains and romances the audience, while we know there is more to the niceties than meets the eye.

Director Abhishek Chaubey, Producer/Dialogue writer Vishal Bhardwaj and Lyricist Gulzar get full points to create the ambiance, which is peppered by manipulation, love, lust and revenge.



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