300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

Taking off from where ‘300’ left us in 2006, the Greek empire needs to unite to face the Persian attack. While they negotiate unity on land, they fight a battle on the Aegean Sea. The generals leading both armies and the Persian King have interesting back stories which have been shown in vivid concise detail.

Short and action packed, this film is all about naval attack strategy and war tactics. It was visually rich in 3D, without being jarring to the senses. The bloodshed was toned down in dark colours, which made it a little easier to digest.

Setting a clear stage for a third part, the film is fast paced and full of drama without going over the top. There were some eye opening dialogues and one scene that was ‘edited’, a war attack of a different kind.

An entertaining sequel which was true to the original, by director Noam Murro.



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