Ragini MMS 2 (2014)

What Ekta Kapoor set out to do, she achieved. The promos promised a frat-house slasher style flick with some scares and sex, we got all that and some humour too.

Picking up from where Ragini MMS left us, we are introduced to ‘Sunny’ playing herself. The Baby doll song being an instant hit, was a smart way to start off the creepy proceedings. AIB cast member Tanmay bhat makes an unrequired cameo, we would have liked some jokes rather than sleaze.

The humour was very effectively provided by Sandhya Mridul and Karan Mehra, both of whom got rewarded by Sunny ;-). Parvin Dabbas tries comedy but annoys and the famous Marathi ‘chutkan / chudail’ back story is finally revealed.

Cheesy, predictable with a few jolts and scares, it was everything it promised to be and nothing more. Sunny Leone can act, so this was a good move for her. Divya Dutta is wasted in a role that didnt need a person of her calibre.

I would have liked more horror, but that genre needs some risk taking and an experimental approach in India, which is unlikely to happen soon.



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