Million Dollar Arm (2014)

Disney brings us the true story of RInku and Dinesh, two boys who win a competition in India to play baseball back in the USA. This was a last attempt to save a flagging career by sports agent JB Bernstein, who travels through India with a novel concept to recruit young men.

The strength of this movie is that its based on a true story, which makes it more real than aspirational. It is handled sensitively, showing a more rural and congested India, but not as gritty and stark as ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. What starts off as unique strategic move, turns into an evolutionary journey for all those who are on it.

Classic ‘sports film’ moments, the well placed highs and lows, the background score, make this film predictable, yet enjoyable. The casting is very impressive, with a host of talented actors present, but not necessarily impactful.

In the end I think this film was more of a culture exchange, rather than atheletic, which gave it its warm fuzzy Disney feel.

A strong pitch with a soft heart.



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