Filmistaan (2014)

Like trying to grow something in the desert, this film dared to do a comic take on being held hostage in very serious circumstances, but pulled it off well.

An Indian is mistakenly abducted from Rajasthan by extremists. His acting, mimicry, passion for films keep him sane, and the village folk entertained, while he plans various escapes from Pakistan.

The beauty lies in passing moments, which explore deep ties and similarities between our cultures, the celebration of humanity, friendships, and of course bizarre situations which are again given an unbelievable comic twist.

The film could be shorter, but it’s heart is in the right place. The solace of a familiar film or song is given a whole new meaning here.

Debut director Nitin Kakkar and principal actor Sharib Hashmi, who has also penned the dialogues bring alive on screen a very grim silver lining.



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