Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Tom Cruise romances the audiences into reliving his death, over and over, for this apocalyptic film. Time manipulation is quickly explained until we settle into a comfortable ‘video game like’ routine, where we watch the events unfold, desperately hoping he finds a way to move forward.

It’s an unusual set of circumstances, so either ‘you enjoy the loop’ or you curse your choice of cinema viewing. I fell in the former group, not appreciating the 3D, but liked the editing. To keep such a plot fresh and linked is not easy, but James Herbert was up to the task.

Director Doug Liman has a repertoire of work which makes this subject right up his alley. Emily Blunt is the object of Tom’s ’50 first dates’, barring the romance of course.

The aliens are menacing and the destruction is grand. Mad Eye Moody makes a cameo, a cherry on the top of this entertaining pie.



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