How to train your dragon 2 (2014)

Much awaited sequel to the 2010 film that grossed almost 500 million dollars, the adorable toothless and boar-headed hiccup are back with an adventure very grand in scale but sincere to the story. Loosely inspired by Cressida Cowell’s book, the characters are original, fleshed out and lovable.

Director Dean DeBlois does not waste any time, engaging the audience from the first frame. Life has changed in Berk, where the once feared dragons are now very much part of the landscape. An attempt to map neighbouring lands leads them to a mysterious cave and an alpha dragon called the ‘Bewilderbeast’. What ensues are reunions, battles, the good old power angle and A-class animation that would rival the CGI of any block buster you have seen in recent times.

Besides being technically brilliant, the music, background score, and characterisation make this film rich in every way. A veritable gold mine for the viewer and a tough challenge as a sequel, the cast and crew have succeeded on every front.

Non-stop mythical entertainment!



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