Read the movie, watch the book

The second oldest debate in the modern world, (you decide the first); what was better, the movie or the book. Many times, we watch the movie and then head to the book, which is usually a far richer experience. Other times, we read the book and are sad so many plot points were left out in the film(s) (Harry Potter fans will know the feeling). Sometimes the film is as good as the book (The Namesake) and other times, the film is the living, breathing, personification of the book (The Fault in our stars). I am sure some will disagree, but for me it seemed like the soul left the pages and enchanted us from the screen in the cinema. We had out-worldly, static-disconnected experiences alongside the pain, love and everything in between suffered by Gus, Hazel and their loved ones. Bravo John Green (writer), Josh Boone (Director), Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber (screenplay). The stars were perfectly aligned when you worked your magic!


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