Happy New Year (2014)

Shah Rukh Khan is the newest member of the ‘Crap Crore Club’. Aamir with Dhoom 3, Salman with Kick, Hrithik with Bang Bang and now this spectacle which lacks soul or originality.

Am going to keep it short. SRK looks scary and the macho image looks forced. Deepika is gifted with accents, she entertains like she did in Chennai Express and looks fab. They all have convenient back stories. Boman plays a 50 year old Parsi with a few ticks. Sonu Sood looks great and does a decent job, while Abhishek shouldn’t have agreed to the not-so-funny puking. Vivaan Shah makes a confident debut.

Needless to say common sense was left out, focusing on scenes and songs strung together to hopefully entertain. Some unexpected laughs did escape my mouth, but overall the long length and illogical proceedings made it tiresome. Dubai looks great.

If you haven’t got enough of Reality Dance Shows on TV, watch this.



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