The hobbit: Battle of the five armies (2014)

Hobbit: check

Battle: check
Five Armies : check

So we got everything we were promised  Peter Jackson provides a fitting film for the final part of the trilogy of the hobbit.

Sweeping battle scenes, defense strategies and ‘what will happen next?’ were the strengths of the film. The opening scene and the ‘battle on ice’ were visually stunning, while a 250 million dollar budget explain why they were so.

The film faltered in length, though it was fast paced. The 3D aspect (with the poor quality glasses here) greatly impact the viewing pleasure. An unanswered question lingers, why are movies shot in dark tones in 3D? It doesn’t give it depth or richness, just makes it more dull.

A franchise well-milked, it was a conclusion that had to be seen, having invested in the earlier two parts. But ‘the desolation of smaug’ gets my vote as an entertainer.



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