Goodbye December and second half of 2014

Misty Monsoon. The fault in our stars. Surreal dream #1. 4 years in Mumbai. Impromptu weekend. The universe is always listening. Frozen s’mores. Mojo moment of truth. Car déjà vu. 21/8. Death by Chocolate trifle. Surreal dream #2. Mesmerising Maldives. Delicious Delhi. Fell in love with Paris thanks to DeeJay. LoveLock bridge. The best Sheesha. Divine hot chocolate. A date with Mona. One sunny day in Geneva. Beautiful Belgium! Ate drank slept chocolate. Diwali déjà vu. Dubai by plane, boat, car and hot air balloon! The King, the sorcerer and the treasure chest. I miss my Blackberry. Mandala transformation. Surreal dream #3. Minion cake! Turned 36, feel 18 🙂 abundance from the universe when I needed it most. 313 minutes. 17/12. Lucy. 25 years of togetherness. Reunions back home. pk. 28/12.

2014 was a year of extremes, of joys and silences, of lessons learned and careless abandon. A crash course and a work-in-progress, of questions unanswered and answers which have no questions.

May 2015 be a year of stability, hope, happiness and above all, Love.


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