Voice of Reason

I marvelled at my 6 year old niece Miraya when she softly told her 13 year old sister, ‘You don’t need to do it, you WANT to do it.’Choosing words so carefully at her age, she provided a wisdom far beyond her years. Then a new mother explained the concept of ‘paralysing by over analysing’, where we beat the scenario to death in our minds, then not enjoying the scenario when it happens in real life. A good friend shared about being ‘too committed’, a trait seen as a hinderance in the work place and relationships in the modern world. An old friend asked me ‘So are you back to square one?’ I replied, ‘Nope, I am in a whole new board game now’. Watch out for the voice of reason, it can come from any age and person you meet. Sometimes you hear words uttered by yourself as if they were by someone else, because your understanding of the moment is greater than you would have imagined.


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