Bombay Velvet (2015)

The list of cinematic geniuses which director Anurag Kashyap thanks in the beginning gives the audience a sense of foreboding.

There are many questions we ask ourselves while seated in a near empty cinema (head count 24). Why didn’t such a cast and crew demand better numbers? Why did they spend so much? None of these questions are answered though, as a series of uninspiring events unfold on screen. The chemistry between the pair is lukewarm. Their back stories, though sad, do not evoke emotion. The antagonists make us wonder why their characters aren’t etched out.

A lot of attention has gone into recreating the era, and any points the film gets is because of the sets, costumes and music. The performances are good, but not supported by a strong story. The plot is weak and the lack of depth on screen leaks into the audiences’ hearts and minds as well. Ranbir is apathetic, Anushka is intense and Karan Johar’s first film shows him as a restrained actor. He should stick to directing.

A colossal loss of money, talent and time.



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