Jurrasic World (2015)

Old is gold and sometimes should remain old. The 4th instalment of the magnificent Jurrasic park which released in 1994, is bitten hard by the capitalist bug and doesn’t impress.

Why a director like Colin Trevvorow who doesn’t have much to his credit was chosen for such an iconic film isn’t clear, but its effects are visible from the moment the film starts. The caricature like characters and the overly simplified setting the dinosaurs are in makes you wonder how much could go wrong.

And go wrong it does. Limited thrills ensue, with most of the good stuff already shown in the promo, all we want to know is how it will end. The last 15 minutes redeem the film with classic action and some humour.

The film made more than $500 million in its opening weekend, the first to do so! A sequel is in the offing. But it wasn’t a patch on the first film. The back ground score wasn’t well developed, the film lacked tension, urgency. The complications were either too easy or seemed forced. Some old moments and cast make you nostalgic, but otherwise the drama was extinct.



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