Still Alice (2014)

Made with a humble budget of 5 million dollars by couple Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, the film deals with early onset of Alzheimer’s for Dr. Alice Howland.

To say it is Julianne Moore’s best work to date would do complete justice to all the accolades and awards she won. It makes us question how much of us is made of memory. Just like the physical body is largely water, the mind is predominantly our memories. To see the early yet rapid decline play out on screen so eloquently by Julianne makes us question our fragile existence.

The supporting cast who make up her family show us the suffering from a third perspective. Special mention for Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart. To see the information slowly fall out of her brain, including language and both short and long term memory is painful as it is inevitable.

A sensitive film about a disease which needs a lot more public support for research and treatment.



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