Bahubali: The Beginning (2015)

A very ambitious 2 part project, a total cost of 250 crore rupees (40 million usd) make this a mammoth undertaking for the Indian box office. Key word being Indian. Made in Telugu and dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, it is not a Bollywood film and neither are its sensibilities.

It’s been called many things. A visual spectacle, a special effects marvel, a first for India etc. For me it was a fantasy film which did justice to its theme. It put money on its aesthetics, a big gamble, and it won. They didn’t merely dress the film well, their preparation, casting and finished product were in sync.

Both Prabhas and Rana play their roles effectively, looking the part, which shows a lot of discipline. Prabhas allotted two years of his time to this film. They have a host of supporting characters who do their part well. Mixing fantasy with mythology, there are many inspirations from our tales and history.

The overall feel of the film is one of pride, entertainment and fulfilment. Director S.S. Rajamouli presents a cinematic experience, with brilliant visuals and fantastic action and war scenes. It has already made 230 crores in total worldwide sales in 5 days! I look forward to part two next year.



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