The Martian (2015)

Ridley Scott does it again! Not only does he take us on a mission which is millions of miles away, but we also get to see a possible future of space travel.

While other films rely heavily on scientific mumbo jumbo or stoic tension, this film flows through its lengthy run, combining easy logic, humour and short doses of drama. Matt Damon shows that he can handle being the only living thing in a frame (barring some potatoes) and entertain us with his eccentricities.

While there is some ‘back and forth’ it jogs our sense of survival and answers more questions than it raises, making it part learning part entertainment. While the audience expects the worse, the story surprises us, especially the climax which has remnants from another recent famous and critically acclaimed film set in the starry vacuum.

Men may not be from Mars, but this film shows how they could survive on it.



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