The Walk (2015)

Robert Zemeckis can add one more unique film to his large and varied repertoire. His recreation of the towers and the era itself gets points, and the way his tale is narrated leaves an endearing effect on the audience.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the principal role of the famous Phillipe Petit and has a believable French accent to boot. His dream, which is not a secret, was to walk the ‘void’ between the two World Trade Center towers in New York. A feat back in 1974, the world was still a trusting place and that vulnerability along with his passion has been captured beautifully. He is ably supported by an eclectic ensemble cast, their characters etched well even in their short roles.

Aesthetically the film is consistent throughout. It slowly builds the back story and the current scenarios to prepare you for the tense, nail biting, edge of the seat tension later. The climax merges serenity with tension, leaving you transfixed!

A sweeping cinematic experience where we walk the tight rope too!



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