The Dressmaker (2015)

Kate Winslet in and as ‘The Dressmaker’ is a flawless talent. Fan Bias aside, she is every bit the couturier who sows the scenes with her unending charm and brilliant timing.

Director Jocelyn Moorhouse has created a quaint town in 1950s Australia with a very distinct cast in desperate need of makeovers, both inward and outward. Drama is weaved around the mother daughter pair who are the life of the film.

Judy Davis as the mother displays the hysterical end of her daughter, both of whom are suppressing the memory of an event which changes the graph of the film. Liam Hemsworth shows us a rural side of himself, a charmer and a gentleman.

You feel many emotions while watching it. Passion, euphoria, revenge, love, sorrow and latent comedy. The ‘crazy’ is baked in finely, making it discernible but still a part of the whole.

This devil does not wear Prada, but can surely stun you with her needle.



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