Tamasha (2015)

I would like to start with a big pat on the back of director Imtiaz Ali who had the guts to make this film. A commercial canvas as large as this exploring minute, nurtured passions and ambitions is truly commendable.

It’s everyone’s story. There will be some part, or more, that you will identify with. How we don’t chase our dreams, or why we conform to society. How we don’t realise when we became part of the race, a race that nobody ever really wins. How we have to find ourselves first, before hoping to find love. And how we have to be our true, genuine self to achieve anything of value in our life.

This and a lot more is woven into the film. A wise man had once told me ‘there are only 5 stories, it’s how you tell them’. This film says similarly, on the outset, but manages to give you the essence and learning of many stories.

Deepika is the golden girl with a magical touch. She outdoes herself in every role. This film shows her depth as a young actor. Careless abandon, intense pain, unrequited love and everything in between is natural and effortless.

Ranbir Kapoor is back! It was refreshing to see the spectrum of his talent after a while on screen. His suppression, his angst, how his passion spills into the life he has created for himself shows that he still is one of the best actors we have. He embodies everyone’s story.

The movie shows a philosophy of life, true to many Indians, on screen, in an eccentrically real way. It’s a class film, where many supporting actors act as sign posts and turning points. Vivek Mushran is a revelation! Beautiful locales and soulful music complete the Tamasha.



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