Secret in their eyes (2015)

When two powerhouse performers like Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman come together, you expect a good film. On that count and many others, the movie over delivers.

The smartly cut promo prepares you on what to expect. The film on the other hand, throws you off. It’s filled with intense moments and chases, emotional trauma and legal processes, all of which contribute to a wholesome movie experience.

Nicole Kidman shows a side we haven’t seen before. Vulnerable yet tough, she is smart and to the point. One particular scene establishes her as the seasoned and strong actor that she is.

Julia Roberts is perfect. Not a movement or muscle moves in a way which doesn’t magnify her emotions appropriately. She does complete justice to her character and has many scenes which leave you in despair, experiencing her agony.

Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the dependable male lead. He balances both the ladies with his own contribution of tenacity and insight. His ability to not give up ultimately drives the film and audience, to its conclusion. The supporting cast adds to the drama.

Director Billy Ray has made a difficult subject, easy to watch. In the current climate it’s still given the right angle, without prejudice. No surprises there as he is an acclaimed screenplay writer. There were some cuts here but nothing which we couldn’t figure.

A brilliant film with solid performances and deep story telling.



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