In the heart of the sea (2015)

Director Ron Howard has made some greats in his career and he just added one more. While the film is heavy on special effects, as it would be impossible to recreate the incidents, it still leaves an impact.

If you don’t know about the hows and whys of whale hunting in the 1800s, or ever read Moby Dick, this film is a crash course on the subject and era. They move things along swiftly, without wasting time on extraneous detail. The result? A top notch IMAX 3D film with a sound story.

The visuals are not only dramatic but difficult to digest as well. It speaks of a world we don’t even remember in theory, which is its strength. The characters telling the story (Brendan Gleeson, Ben Whishaw) and in the epic itself (Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Tom Holland) and the supporting cast, do complete justice to the plot.

A thrilling tale with dependable acting.



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