Jai Gangajal (2016)

Make way for a new hero! Prakash Jha, director of hard hitting reality films makes a strong debut in his film, cleverly putting Priyanka Chopra as lead, covering many issues between the both of their characters who are part of the same team.

The film essentially offers nothing new, but more of a revision of sorts. A reminder what our system is like. And that, I feel is very important. The anarchy and total lack of law in smaller towns and rural areas, the plight of farmers, the politics of capitalism and the level of corruption in the police force are all explored.

Priyanka shines as SP Abha. She carries the film on her slender shoulders, and Jha ensures she doesn’t get caught up in stereotypes and delivers justice. She is a good strong cop. Jha shows energy and solid strength, not going over board yet communicating his loyalty and angst.

When we see evil getting punished and the righteous doing their work well, we get a sense of control and balance. Such films work as regular reminders because we lack the same in reality, living out the ‘way life should be’ through film. Mob mentality and lynching is condemned, an important message.

Such films are a necessary part of life in India and are enjoyed mainly for the sense of justice that prevails. We feel good and hopeful, and for that they should keep making them.



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