Ki & Ka (2016)

What do you get when you reverse gender roles? When a man wants to be a home maker and the woman wants to earn? You get director Balki’s half baked film with some isolated messages.

The film moves quickly with Kareena / Kia and Arjun / Kabeer meeting and displaying their personalities, likes and dislikes. An unconventional relationship develops between a university topper and a competitive career driven executive.

My problem with the film was its inconsistency. While Arjun and his mother in law Swaroop Sampat were in character, it was Kareena who deviated. Some of her actions and words didn’t ring true with her decisive and strong outlook.

In the end the message by the ‘cameos’ was better than the real one, but a message nonetheless for the male dominated society that we live in. Arjun was the clear hero/ine of the film. The story would have made more sense if it was about a ‘stay at home dad’. Special mention for the creative interiors of their beautiful apartment.

Baby steps to a larger, stronger and more cohesive message.



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