The man who knew infinity (2016)

Dev Patel’s career best comes packaged in his usual earnest manner, but this time he’s dealing with a complex subject in a difficult world crisis.

Based on India’s mathematician who introduced ground breaking theories without proofs, S. Ramanujan, it is the story of how a Cambridge professor took him under his wing, so to speak, but ended up soaring to great heights himself because of the knowledge he helped unravel.

Shot at Trinity College by director Matthew Brown, where it originally happened, time literally stands still in the hallowed halls of learning. Jeremy Irons as Professor G.H.Hardy is perhaps the anti-thesis to his co-protagonist, where he tames and cajoles the fury and magnitude of formulas inside him. This dance of proof vs. knowledge is why the film leaves a lasting impact.

It brings numbers alive in the eyes of its actors. A pure delight to watch genius and those who appreciate it.



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