Six Super Mumbai Years

One year ago, on this date, an old friend had made a prophesy for me. He bestowed upon me a generous vision, knowing full well what it meant to me. Back then I smiled a watery chuckle, with eyes that gazed past him and the others seated around me, into the distance, wondering how would it be if it were to come true.

They say that we should make our wishes carefully, for something we say or think is picked by our angels everyday, for it to come true. As I look back I know that those words, said in the presence of many, was heard by some force above. It was a potent wish, it came true precisely within a month. I celebrate this day with gratitude for that and all the other things that have happened in the past year.

But like any prophecy, there were conditions. For it to be fulfilled, circumstances which were beyond my wildest imagination would manifest. Life is full of surprises, challenges and difficulties. What sets us apart from others is how we face them, and how we treat people when we are feeling our worst. My faith lied in silence to get me through those trying times.

The 6th year was like an ice cream sandwich. Half and half really. Marked by the crunchy chocolate of wondrous sunshine and the cold tinge of a mass exodus, it was both delicious and a shock to the system. But the bitter-sweet memory of both layers still lingers…

The Phoenix had predicted it’s flight, but never could he imagine it would see such different worlds and travel such far flung shores. It has embraced a new world indeed, but will always carry the love of the people and experiences of the last six years.

Stepping into lucky number seven, with the unshakable knowledge that the universe has me covered, I remain in gratitude. 🙏


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