It’s my life

A phrase we often utter or hear, which is not true at all. From the moment we come in contact with another human being, we trust them with ourselves. Hell, we can physically hurt ourself with no help from anyone else! Crossing the road? Getting on an elevator? Boarding a flight? Train? Car? Boat? Bike? Your safety depends on everyone else watching out for you, and themselves. When you identify that we depend on an entire network of lives, technology and engineering, as they do on us to keep things running smoothly, you realise our life is really not our own. Yes we fulfil our goals and desires through it, and run it the way we like, but more often than not, it is governed by external forces. Your job, your family, your friends, etc. In a nutshell, life is fragile and co-dependant. We all come alone and leave alone, but during our time here we are in the same boat, living lives we think are ours but actually they involve a lot more people and factors. Appreciate the enormity of that reality and give yourself credit, be the best cog in the wheel and protect yourself and those around you.


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