The Girl on the Train (2016)

A film that starts off as flashes in a stupor, is filled with mysterious gaps in the story. It is natural to start guessing ‘whodunnitt’, but more importantly why did they do it?

Director Tate Taylor quickly turns tables on the why and the plot becomes even more convoluted as unknown pieces appear for the expanding jigsaw puzzle. Once they start falling into place, a disturbing narrative turns horrifying.

Emily Blunt is a fine actress, carrying the film effortlessly, navigating through complex emotional and physical states. Haley Bennett and Rebecca Ferguson put in sincere performances, while Justin Theroux is seen as never before. The remaining cast, including Lisa Kudrow, ably support the story along its baffling and eventual shocking end.

A film which has probably done cerebral justice to a book that had a dark story to tell.



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