The Economics of Relationships

On the topic of demonetisation, I went through a similar exercise earlier this year. With one surprise jolt, a part of my wealth became only souvenirs which I could deposit in the bank of memories. You see, the only currency I held dear to me were friends. In time new friendships were formed, but unlike notes, people cannot be exchanged.

People complain they don’t have access to their own money. While there are other options to spend besides cash, what of these memories? They stay in a limbo, neither dying, nor living, ultimately becoming a volatile mutation, which cannot be ignored, nor can it be nourished.

While the cash situation will ultimately settle, this particular surgical strike did not cause wounds, which heal with time, but scars, that take years, if not decades, to fade. Their only function will be to serve as reminders of the risks of hoarding good times or not accounting for bad ones. They will force you to deposit echoes of the past so that you may spend them, with the eventual goal of forgetting them. But will they disappear in the abyss of memories?


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