Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

Is there anything that Meryl Streep cannot do? Sheer genius talent is screaming in every off note of hers as an amateur soprano.

Stephen Frears has directed The Queen and Philomena amongst other films, this one needed a vision with very good writing to make it work. And work it did, at the perfect length with brilliant actors.

Hugh Grant plays a devoted husband to Meryl who supports her dream of singing and exhibiting her talent (or lack thereof). The surprise package is Simon Helberg (Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory), who is trained at concert pianist level in real life and gets to share his talent in a role that suits him perfectly.

Meryl Streep is on her 30th Golden Globe nomination with this film and I won’t be surprised if she gets her 20th Oscar nomination for it as well. A good singer herself, she sings in flat, shrill tones, exactly like the Florence, embodying a character who seeks validation via her continuous training and hope to perform. A socialite based in New York she dresses flamboyantly, and can afford her delusions as a heiress.

A warm story which is surprisingly funny with oodles of talent, it’s another Meryl Moment.



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