La La Land (2016)

A musical set in the modern day, merged with Jazz music, dapper dressing and brilliant editing, it was an anticipatory watch.

We waited for something to happen. Yes a ‘seasonal’ journey was unfolding on screen, but it was nothing we hadn’t seen before. The only difference was, the occasional retreat into an imaginary world (hence the title), enjoying a dreamy state of affairs.

Performances are of high quality, Emma Stone is exquisite. Layered and nuanced, with her emotions on the surface, she keeps it real. Ryan Gosling looks the part and is an all rounded musician who plays the piano brilliantly. They both sing well and are complete actors, perfect for their roles.

The film has a style that weaves in and out of reality, with abrupt jolts to keep the audience sufficiently engaged, but I didn’t connect to it. While I enjoyed the feel of the movie, and the philosophy of choice, their romance or struggles didn’t move me.

Young director Damien Chazelle’s film has garnered great reviews and awards buzz, leading the Golden Globes nominations, but it fails to create a bond with the viewer.



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