Jolly LLB 2 (2017)

Touted as a black comedy this film is a total contempt of any genre, as it can’t make up its mind. Defying logic, with a graph trembling out of control, it’s filled with moronic highs and lows and tacky product placements.

Akshay Kumar usually does good content but here it’s beyond laughable. It’s shocking how much mockery has been made of the legal system, a judge and lawyers. One moment you are in a tense situation, the next moment you have foolish jokes and crass references.

Let’s examine the ‘law’ aspect of things. There is none. No respect at all, hence no fear or accountability. It’s a film with caricatures and planted emotions which anger you instead of creating empathy. Forced songs which are so lame that your eyes roll behind your head. Huma Qureshi is wasted, Annu Kapoor is an idiot, Saurabh Shukla is silly.

A big step down for director Subhash Kapoor after Jolly LLB. Absurd to say the least.

Enough ranting.



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