The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy – What starts off as a ‘silly set up’ kind of introduction, quickly settles into a film which doesn’t take itself seriously.

Tom Cruise walks a thin line between trying to find a treasure and do the right thing. His non chalant behaviour provides unexpected humour, and so does his friend Jake Johnson.

The Mummy is played by Sofia Boutella, and very convincingly so. She is every bit an outworldly creature who was a stunning beauty and turns unforgivingly evil.

Russell Crowe is wasted in a role which will clearly be back for the sequel. It’s an interesting take on an old villian which becomes apparent quite quickly. Annabelle Wallis plays the defiant Jenny, the convenient plot point who drives the narrative.

It wasn’t a patch on the old ones, neither did it claim to be. It was set in London city with different parameters and did ok because it could laugh at itself. A Sequel is definitely on the cards.



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