Jab Harry met Sejal (2017)

Finally! After a while I liked SRK as a romantic lead in a fun film which didn’t take itself too seriously. Imtiaz Ali has a certain way of story telling, and indulges you with glimpses from his past patterns.

Anushka is far and away one of the best talents we have in this industry, she is the life of the film. Her range of emotions make you laugh and cry with equal ease. Her portrayal of Sejal is dramatic, naive and very funny.

SRK has done a role stepping outside his usual realm, yet being unapologetic about it. He is real, and from the credits scene onwards, he establishes what Harry is all about. He hits the humour home every time, deriving it from his apathy towards the bizarre situation he is in.

The story is convenient to drive the plot forward and show you stunning Europe. The logic isn’t strong, but the moments that make up the interactions between the couple are super. The chemistry is intense and some of the songs are well placed and soulful.

The title is a rip off and the story is oft repeated, but watch it for the banter between the two, which is the best part of the film, and let’s you sail effortlessly from start till end.



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