Tumhari Sulu (2017)

Debut director Suresh Triveni shares a nuanced portrayal of Sulochana and Ashok’s life, with their son. Their simple existence and humble home don’t ask for reflection, just admire the art with which multiple messages are slipped into one frame.

Vidya Balan is a powerhouse of talent, proving yet again that she’s on top of her game. Very few would attempt a role like this and succeed, but she hits the ball out of the park. Her portrayal of Sulu, and her chemistry with her husband is endearing. Manav Kaul is a revelation in a meek avatar, as a doting husband and father. Their pair proves opposites attract!

Neha Dhupia as Sulu’s boss shows a vulnerable side and the rest of the supporting cast, who are perfect in their roles, move the story along with precision towards its fitting end.

The film succeeds because of its taut writing and honest emotion. The humour is real, not silly or vulgar. It was a delight to watch and deals with many prevelant issues. It exceeds all expectations!



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