Goodbye December and second half of 2017

The Young Pope. Christmas in July. Divina turns 16! AIPC. Passion for Masterchef Australia re-ignites. Ground Yourself Cafe. Galaxy chocolates from Doha! New friends with old ties. Lipstick under my Burkha. 2 sunny years. Harry Potter Improv. Dinner on the Tram. Australian Survivor Marathon. 12 hours of National Theatre Live from London. The Block intro. 27/9. The Bachelor/ette: predictions and favourites! Will & Grace returns! Mumbai Diwali. Bhavika turns 21! Dad completes 50 years in Dubai! Ghoomar. Aerial 39th with a Balloon ride over Melbourne. The Perils of Padmavati. Hogwarts2HH DreamS. Diva 2018. Summer in St. Kilda! Hello South Yarra! New Year in Noir.

2017 was a year of massive change, movement and fulfilment. While the universe works in mysterious ways, it taught me never to stop asking or dreaming. It yields when the time is right and has plenty for everyone, all the time! We just have to ask the right way, and wait for it to unfold.

May 2018 be the year of relaxation, recouping and remembering. May we venture into unknown places, meet interesting people, and connect everyone in a web of charged cosmic energy.

Love. Laugh. Live.


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